CSR Council

The main goal of the CSR Advisory Board is to be involved in the strategy implementation process and to implement relevant projects and programs.

CSR Council

Such a model is unprecedented in the financial sector of Georgia - the board members are experts in the specific field that the bank has chosen as the direction of its long-term CSR strategy. The composition of the Liberty CSR Advisory Board is as follows:

  • Magda Maghradze - CEO of "Millennium Fund"
  • Ana Abashidze - Head of "Partnership for Human Rights"
  • Ana Arganashvili - CEO of "Partnership for Human Rights"
  • Ana Pashalishvili - Head of the UN Women Project  “Women's Economic Empowerment”
  • Nino Chikhladze - Head of Human Resources Management Department of Liberty
  • Thea Leshkasheli - Deputy CEO of Liberty, Operations Director
  • Khatia Khatiashvili - Head of Brand Development of Liberty
  • Tamar Zakariadze - Head of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department of Liberty and CSR Advisory Board