Consumer loan with transfers

Consumer loans can be obtained through transfers

If you need money and cannot afford to prove the existence of a salary for a loan, this is no longer a problem.

Getting a consumer loan has become possible by considering remittances. All you need to do is receive transfers from abroad.

What are the advantages?

  • You no longer need to prove your salary
  • The borrowing process is short and simple
  • You use the loan amount for any purpose



Loan amount From GEL 300
Currency GEL, USD, EUR
Term 3-48 months  Unsecured, 120 months with real estate
Income From GEL 200
Age 18 - 70 Years Old
Co-borrower Maximum of 3 co-borrowers
Credit Bureau Verification Fee GEL 300-10,000 - GEL10; GEL 10,000-20,000 – GEL 15; GEL 20,000< - 20 *in case of foreign currency - EUR 5, USD 10
Loan fee 2%, Min. -  GEL 20
Nominal interest rate From 12.37%
Effective interest rate: From 16.61%


* Effective interest rate is calculated at 5000 GEL for 24 months;



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