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All about pension

What types of pension do exist?


Age pension

Pension for losing the bread-winner 

Soldier’s pension

Pension for disabled persons

I am of retirement age, how do I get a pension?


A citizen of Georgia, a man - 65 years old and a woman - 60 years old, should apply to any territorial body of the Social Service Agency for a state pension based on age. If the application for pension is submitted to the Agency during the month of entitlement to the pension or after the occurrence of this basis (after the turning the retirement age), the pension is granted from the first day of the month following the month of submission of the application and all necessary documents. If the application, together with all the necessary documents is submitted not more than 10 calendar days before the right to retire  has been entitled (before reaching retirement age), the pension is granted from the first day of the month following the month of entitlement to the pension. Details

Based on the information provided by the Social Agency, Liberty Bank will automatically open a Social Account from the 14th day of the current month and a bank card will be prepared on which your pension will be transferred. Contact any Liberty service center to pick up the card.

Terms of pension card and PIN code


The term of the pension card is 6 years, the term of the card is marked on the card itself under the 16-digit number.

The term of the pension card PIN code is 1 year (PIN code can be renewed in case of the pensioner's visit to any service center of Liberty Bank).

Due to the current situation occurred in the country, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, the validity of the social cards, which expire in February, March, April or May 2020, has been automatically extended for 3 months. The validity of the basic social cards, whose PIN code has already expired from 01.01.2020 or expires on May 31, has been automatically extended until July 1, 2020.

When is the pension transferred?

The pension is transferred on the 14th day of each month, however, due to the current situation in the country, in order to prevent the Covid-19 virus, Liberty Bank paid the age pension for April and May 2020 with its own resources in advance.

Receiving a pension with a power of attorney / additional card


An additional card will be prepared for a third person if the pensioner and the third person file the one-time application at the Liberty Service Center together.

By submitting the relevant power of attorney to the service center by a third person, an additional card will be prepared for the trustee, with which he / she will be able to withdraw the pension.

Terms of the supplementary card prepared on the basis of a power of attorney

The term of the supplementary card as well as the power of attorney on pension is 1 year. 

Extension of the terms of social (pension) card and PIN code


Due to the current situation occurred in the country, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, the validity of the basic social cards, which expire in February, March, April or May 2020, has been automatically extended for 3 months. The validity of the basic social cards, whose PIN code has already expired from 01.01.2020 or expires on May 31, has been automatically extended until July 1, 2020. 

In case you already use supplementary card prepared on the basis of a power of attorney, which has expired:


The term of the supplementary card made on the basis of the power of attorney was not automatically extended.

Expired supplementary card prepared on the basis of a power of attorney can be restored in Liberty Bank service centers, in case of submitting a power of attorney with new terms. 

Given the situation in the country, for the safety of consumers and to avoid them gathering in public places, it is possible for a Liberty cashier operator to come home to assist you to write an application to recover an expired supplementary card. Within 3 working days of applying, the trustee will be able to take his/her new card from Liberty Service Center. Or, if desired, the cashier operator will help you to activate the pensioner's basic card delivery service and bring you both the basic card and supplementary pension at home during the scheduled visit. To receive this service, please contact us at the Remote Service Center at: 2 55 55 00

Services of a visiting cashier operator


If the pensioner is unable to come to the branch / service center to receive a pension due to a serious health condition, any third party can contact us at the Remote Service Center: 2 55 55 00, or visit the nearest service center and make a relevant statement.  Based on this statement, the pensioner will receive the services of a visiting cashier or a home delivery service.

The visiting cashier operator will bring your pension home within 8-10 working days after it is credited (14th of each month)

Frequently Asked Questions on pension before crediting

What does the service "Pension before crediting" provide?


"Pension before crediting" is a product created by Liberty Bank to improve and simplify customer service, which allows customers to receive their pension in advance from the 1st to the 13th of each month before crediting the pension amount.

How much is the "Pension before crediting" service fee?


The pension before crediting includes a symbolic fee, which is defined as a one-time fee of 15 to 80 tetri.

Who can use the "Pension before crediting" service?


From the program "Pension before crediting" can benefit a person receiving a state pension, whose monthly pension is from 45 to 300 GEL.

Is it possible to activate the "pension before crediting" taking into account other social benefits?


"Pension before crediting" refers only to the service of receiving a state pension and other social benefits in advance. These services are not available to IDPs and recipients of social benefits.

Where is it possible to get the "Pension before crediting" service?


Bank branches / service centers, bank mobile service units and ATMs.

When is it possible to use the "Pension before crediting" service?


The "Pension before crediting" service can be obtained only before the crediting of the pension, including the 1st to the 13th of each month. It is not possible to use the product in other days.

it possible to activate the "pension before crediting" for less than the amount of the pension?


The "Pension before crediting" service provides for a one-month and full activation of the pension amount for the customer in advance. If you activate the 'Pension before crediting” service through the ATM, it is possible to partially withdraw the received amount and leave the part on the card, as only 5 multiple notes will be received from the ATM. The remaining amount (for example 4.2 GEL) can be withdrawn with the help of the service center operator, or leave it on your account and use the card payment in stores and pharmacies.

Is it possible to repay the "pension before crediting" earlier?


No, early repayment is not possible.

What documents are required to use the product "Pension before crediting"?


When activating in the bank branch / service center - ID card and basic social bank card;

When activating from ATMs – basic social bank card and PIN Code. 

Is it possible to receive "pension prior to crediting" with an additional card or power of attorney?


Getting "Pension prior to crediting" is not possible on the basis of a power of attorney or additional card.

When using a pension loan / pension overdraft, is it possible to get the service “Pension prior to crediting”?


Yes, it is possible if the existing pension loan / pension overdraft is not overdue.

What could be the reason for restricting the use of the "Pension prior to crediting" service?


The customer should not have an overdue pension loan / pension overdraft; 

No collection, seizure should be existing to the accounts of the customer and no booking or overlimit should exist on the social account;

The customer must not have any credit issued by Liberty Bank, except for the following credit products: any type of overdraft, loan secured by a deposit or certificate of deposit, credit card or consumer loan;

The customer should not be registered as a guarantor on a social advance issued to another person;

Who should I contact if the "Pension prior to crediting" offer at the ATM is not active?


If there is no offer at the ATM, the customer should contact any branch / service center of the bank to find out the reason.


Social (as well as pension) card

About the card

The social account is automatically opened at Liberty Bank, on the recipient of social benefits (pension, social, refugee and demographic assistance), based on information provided by the relevant ministry. After enrolling in social benefits, you can visit any Liberty service center and get a pre-printed card in your name.
  • Social card is a standard Visa / MasterCard type of a card, which can be paid at any trade place, where payment can be made both in Georgia and abroad.

About "Child Card" (also "Food Card")


Child card / food voucher is received by families with less than 100,001 rating points registered in the database of socially vulnerable families from March 2019, where children under 16 years of age live. The family receives 1 card regardless of the number of children in the family.

On the 19th and 21st of each month (including social assistance) 30 GEL is transferred to the child's card, which is called a food voucher, the mentioned amount can be spent only in specific shops. List of stores. The remaining 20 GEL is transferred to the social account (as before) and can be used at the discretion of the owner.


Benefits and Privileges of the Social Card


Payment by social card is possible in any trade place, where it is possible to pay by card. In addition, several large-scale projects have been launched under Liberty Bank's Social Responsibility program, giving social card holders special privileges. This program also includes special prices when paying by social card in Evex clinics, Pharmadepot pharmacy network and Nikora supermarket chain:


You can use Liberty Social Card at 33 clinics of Evex at prices created especially for you. Up to 50% discount on medical services: special consultation, laboratory tests, ultrasound, X-ray, computed tomography, dentistry.




In more than 180 pharmacies of Pharmadepot, you will enjoy up to 20% discount on more than 2200 names of medicines throughout Georgia. The discount will also apply if using various daily promotions and discounts available in the Pharmadepot network.




Liberty Social Card holders will enjoy special prices for up to 350 denominations of products of daily necessities at any Nikora supermarket throughout Georgia.


Social card and online payments


It is not possible to pay online with a social card.

You can pay online with a social card on the website:, where you will be able to pay utility bills for free.


Why are online transfers restricted? For the safety of the user. However, the following services are available:


Money transfer from social account via internet / mobile banking is possible only between own accounts in Liberty Bank. 

It is possible to pay utility bills without commission from the Internet / Mobile Banking through a social account, as well as to receive various services, except of replenishing the gambling balance.

Internet / mobile banking can be used to withdraw money transfer through a social account, however sending is limited.


Pay by social card and withdraw cash up to 50 GEL


For the first time in Georgia, in the Liberty partner leading pharmacies: Aversi, PSP and Pharmadepot, it is possible to withdraw cash  in case of payment by social card for at least 5 GEL products, you can withdraw 50 GEL from the card when purchasing products: . Liberty payment terminal will serve you as an "ATM". To get this service, you need to have enough money in your card account.

Cash withdrawal up to 50 GEL is possible even for those who have already received an age pension, but according to the schedule of cannot withdraw from the service center or ATM yet


Remote Services

Internet/Mobile Banking


To register in Internet / Mobile Banking, it is necessary to have any active Liberty account and phone number that you indicate in the bank database.

Internet and mobile banking are free for social card holders.


Registration in Internet and mobile banking

To register in Internet / Mobile Banking, go to the link: 
Or download the Mobile Banking application:
  1. App Store:
  2. Google Play: 
Select "Register", enter 11-digit ID number, telephone number and follow the instructions 
  • It is possible to transfer money to a social / pension account through Internet Banking if you know the account number in IBAN format (22 characters)

Remote Service Center


The contact number of the Remote Service Center is:2555500
After contacting and identifying at the Remote Service Center, you can get any information about the Bank's services and products, account balance and transaction performed, etc.
Call Liberty Remote Service Center on 032 2 55 55 00, press "1" and request an answer to the desired information immediately via 𝗦𝗠𝗦.
With 𝗦𝗠𝗦 notification you will learn about: 
  1. The amount available in your account
  2. Details of account requisites
  3. Information about your loans


On the website it is possible to pay utility bills for free with the social card.

Quick payment terminals


From quick payment terminals it is possible to deposit money on the social card based on 11-digit ID number.



Liberty has one of the largest networks of ATMs and is represented by more than 570 ATMs throughout Georgia. To see the addresses of ATMs go to the link: 

The "Pension prior to crediting" service is already available at Liberty ATMs.


Cash-In | Cash-Out ATMs


Cash-In | Cash-Out ATMs allow you to not only withdraw money from an ATM, but also deposit money into the desired account and make foreign exchange transactions.
For example, convert GEL / foreign currency on your own account.

Pre-booking a visit to the bank


Book the desired time of your visit to the bank online and get banking services without queuing:


How to get cashback


When paying at any Liberty Bank terminals with any Liberty Bank VISA / MASTERCARD type of a card, including social card, you can use the highest cashback in up to 600 partner facilities. (Cashback is a cash benefit that is returned to your account instantly when you pay via Liberty terminal with a Liberty card at partner companies. Cashback% is determined by the partner companies)

How to register


To get cashback go to the link:, register in Internet or at Mobile Banking.
With Liberty Internet and Mobile Banking data (username and password) you will be able to automatically log in to the website and cashback mobile application
In order to get cashback:
  1. Select an offer 
  2. Click the “activation” button
  3. When purchasing a company product or service, pay with any Liberty card at the Liberty terminal.

Will I use cashback when paying with a social card

Yes, you will be able to use the social card when paying at the Liberty terminal in up to 600 partner facilities, except for the Nikora supermarket network, because when you make a non-cash payment with a social card in Nikora, you will automatically enjoy up to 40% discount on more than 350 products.

Change of data recorded in the bank


  • Personal data recorded in Liberty Bank: phone number, address, etc., can be changed at any service center of the bank.