23 March, 2020

Liberty is launching a GEL 100 million program of crediting pensions in advance with its own resources

Liberty is launching a GEL 100 million program of crediting pensions in advance with its own resources



On behalf of the Liberty Bank, I would like to inform you that due to the emergency situation in our country today, the main challenge of our team is to take care of our customers, employees, Georgian citizens in general and especially the representatives of older generation, taking into account all the recommendations.

As we have already stated, Liberty Bank has made a decision and with its own resources, we are launching a GEL 100 million program - for the advance payment of pensions in April. This program is for the people who, today, are considered to be the most at-risk, who are 70 years old and older. 

Now, details on how pensions will be credited in advance and how our compatriots aged 70 and over will be able to use these funds:

Pensions will be credited in advance to the social cards of our customers aged 70 and over, and from tomorrow, our customers will be able to use the funds transferred, use and pay only with the card - in stores and pharmacies. 

At the remote service center of the bank, with single call, they will be able to pay utility bills.

We know that most of our customers prefer to withdraw money when receiving the pension, i.e. prefer to have cash, which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is one of the most dangerous along with gathering in public places.

Therefore, pre-credited pension, free of charge, will be available to customers instantly when paying by card.

And as for the cashing, all pensioners will be able to do it in stages, according to the schedule we have drawn up.

To see this schedule, we have created a special site:, where it is very easy to see when the customer will be able to use the pension in cash.

Also, 08 service is mobilized, which will make automatic calls to each pensioner aged 70 and over and will notify about the date of using the cash, and will also answer their questions to the number 208 from city number and 032 208 from mobile. The call is free.

This program is not easy to implement and requires the involvement of the entire community in delivering information to these people.

Now is the time to unite all of us, and together take care of the health of those around us, family members, neighbors, loved ones. Try to limit as much as possible the need for fellow citizens in the most risky groups to leave their homes and visit the bank.

Let’s take care of each other. 

Thank you.”
Vasil Khodeli | Director-General of Liberty