Liberty Bank actively works on issues of environmental improvement and supports initiatives to raise public awareness.

Environmental pollution, its prevention and improvement is one of the biggest challenges of the XXI century, Liberty Bank, as one of the largest banks, strives to pay maximum attention to an existing national and international environmental legislation and standards.To achieve mentioned goal, Liberty Bank has already developed an environmental and social risk assessment methodology and an environmental and social policy document.

Sustainable Development is one of Liberty Bank's most important goals, which is why we have joined the Sustainable Development Goals and are successfully implementing them in our operations. To mitigate the climate change, Liberty Bank plans to invest more in renewable energy and socially responsible businesses. On a daily basis, we strive to raise the awareness of our employees in environmental and social terms, so that everyone knows that they have the right to live in an environment that is safe and healthy for their own health.

Enviromental and Social Risk Management System