07 May, 2020

Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Liberty Bank and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Today, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Liberty Bank and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). According to which, Liberty Bank will closely cooperate with the UN Population Fund in the areas of promoting the health and active lifestyle of the elderly (60+) population and gender equality and women's empowerment. Areas of cooperation include:

  • Informing the elderly population about Covid-19 prevention. In particular, brochures specially designed for the population aged 60+ will be distributed throughout the country through the bank's network. The United Nations Population Fund, together with Liberty Bank, will launch a large-scale social campaign within the framework of the Bank's #Libertygulit social responsibility program.
  • Liberty Bank will support the 60+ Clubs for Healthy and Active Lifestyle, initiated by UNFPA Georgia Office in partnership with local municipalities and NGOs, where specific activities will be planned and implemented foe the elderly citizens after the removal of restrictions introduced to prevent the spread of COVID;;
  • Liberty Bank and the UNFPA Georgia Office discuss future opportunities to promote gender equality and women and girls in Georgia.

"Today, we are proud of our partnership with the United Nations Population Fund, which underscores Liberty's commitment in the direction of caring for the elderly. Especially today, when for the safety of the older generation, disseminating information and raising awareness is vital. For several years now, Liberty has been continuously implementing special educational and cognitive programs for 60+ people. I would like to welcome our new partner and hope that together we will further enhance the importance of healthy aging and an active lifestyle, and that we will also work together to strengthen women and gender equality, ”said director-general of Liberty Bank, Vasil Khodeli.

"We think that cooperation with Liberty Bank has a huge potential," said Lela Bakradze, Head of the UNFPA Georgia Office, "Supporting active and healthy aging and gender equality helps the country achieve its sustainable development goals. It is very important for us to partner with Liberty - a company that shares our values and is ready to invest in improving the quality of life of older citizens, women and adolescent girls. We believe that our cooperation will be a step forward in building a more equal society, where no one will be left behind of the wave of development. "