16 October, 2020

Leading Companies Joined Liberty’s Social Responsibility Campaign #Heartily

Leading Companies Joined Liberty’s Social Responsibility Campaign #Heartily


As part of the Social Responsibility program #Heartily, Liberty has teamed up with partner companies that share common values and are willing to help people wholeheartedly overcome the difficult period caused by the pandemic.

Starting from October 16, the Liberty, Evex Clinics, Pharmadepot and Nikora supermarket chain will work together to support especially older people and offer Liberty Social Card holders special discounts and benefits to maximize savings of consumers spending on products or medicines or visiting a doctor.

‘Kindness done heartily, even a small one, strengthens and empowers you not to get loose, share, help and try to always be where people need you. I am pleased that our partner leading companies have once again shared initiative and values of Liberty, and from now on, through joint efforts, we will be able to offer special conditions for our older customers on a daily need medication or product. I believe that this is the only way we will overcome the challenges that our country and the whole world are facing. ' – Vasil Khodeli, Director-General of Liberty Bank.

"During the pandemic, the importance of health care became even more apparent. With this joint project we want to offer laboratory and medical services to customers at a great discount and make health monitoring and management of chronic diseases even more accessible. The benefits under the project cover more than 800 medical services in 6 regions of Georgia, in 33 clinics of Evex clinics. " Giorgi Gordadze, Director of “Evex Clinics”

"For the second year in a row, Pharmadepot offers Liberty Social Card holders the best price when purchasing more than 2200 types of medicines for the treatment of chronic diseases throughout Georgia. The pandemic has once again made us all see the importance and role of our sector to the community. That is why Pharmadepot, within the framework of the social project, will offer the best conditions not only for the medicines that were offered during these 2 years, but also to additional care products, medical equipment, we will further expand the social project area and offer the best price for Liberty social card holders for the child care and nutrition products as well. It was and is especially important for us that the members of our community who especially need our support enjoy the benefits of the project. " – Keti Kozmanashvili, Head of the Pharmadepot network

“The partnership between Nikora Supermarket and Liberty within the framework of various social projects has been going on for two years already. Since 2018, for any Liberty Social Card holder, there is permanent discounts on up to 350 different denominations of products in the supermarket chain across the country. We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer our customers special prices and reduce daily costs for the most in-demand products,” – Davit Urushadze, Director of Nikora Supermarket network

For questions about services of Evex Clinic and to book a visit to the doctor call: 032 2 55 05 05 or visit the website:
For information about Pharmadepot call: 032 2 40 00 04 or visit any branch of the pharmacy chain.
Take advantage of the discounted products available at any branch of Nikora Supermarket.