04 November, 2020

A joint social project of Liberty #gulit and "Mac Georgia"

A joint social project of Liberty #gulit and "Mac Georgia"


A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Liberty Bank and Mac Georgia (McLain Association for Children), under which Liberty will assist in selecting volunteers from the Bank staff and promoting projects planned by MacGeorgia. With the support of Liberty, MacGeorgia will also implement the project “Mestumre” (visit me), which aims to provide regular communication and social interaction between young people and seniors living in boarding houses. The project "Mestumre" aims to give the elderly living in boarding houses the opportunity to have regular social interaction with young people once a week. The project is being actively and successfully implemented for the third year now. Up to 40 volunteers and 5 boarding houses throughout Tbilisi are involved in the project at this stage. As part of the joint project, twelve Liberty employees will undergo special training, learn various skills and take part in future activities.

"Mac Georgia is pleased that a major player in the banking sector, such as Liberty Bank, has taken the initiative to support the 'Mestumre' project. A friend acquired in the form of Liberty Bank will allow us to visit even more elderly people living in Tbilisi and the regions. We hope that various representatives of the business sector will be able to engage in the development of projects based on volunteerism within the framework of their social responsibility." - Jeremy James Gaskill, CEO of Mac Georgia.

‘Liberty has for many years now been supporting the part of society that needs it the most. As you know, we cover the utility bills of 52 boarding houses and orphanages registered in the country and they are provided with electricity and heat throughout the year. Also, throughout the year we support them with various activities and try to make them feel that we are by their side with all our heart.

This joint project is another continuation of the work started for us and it is very gratifying that the staff of Liberty expressed their desire to be involved in the project. These young people will undergo special training and develop into professional volunteers. I am sure that doing such good deeds, having a relationship with elderly, will be very pleasant and useful for both parties. '- Giorgi Makaridze, Retail Banking Director.

MacGeorgia offers education and access to resources to support people with different opportunities through enhancing the competence of their family members and the community caring for them:

  • Develops and supports various projects;
  • Provides identification of medical needs and implementation of preventive measures (materials, medicines);
  • Supports educational activities (financially and professionally);
  • Provides information on the following issues: disabilities, behavior management, special educational needs, and crisis intervention.)