02 December, 2020

Liberty Bank is launching a campaign on consumer and business loans

Liberty Bank is launching a campaign on consumer and business loans


Liberty Bank is launching a large-scale campaign on loans - until December 31, special conditions and a grace period of up to 4 months will apply for consumer and business loans.
Liberty has offered a number of innovations and services to its customers throughout the year. The terms of the new promotion were also designed to support consumers as much as possible during the difficult and especially pre-New Year period, and to alleviate the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

The new promotion provides a grace period of up to 4 months for consumer loans for individuals, which means that in case of taking a new or refinanced loan before December 31, the consumer will be completely exempt from the monthly loan payment for up to 4 months and will start repaying in spring 2021.

No additional collateral is required to receive the loan and any type of proven income, including money transfers, will be considered.

A visit to the bank is not required to receive an information on the terms of the loan – taking into account the pandemic, Liberty Bank experts will receive applications online and serve customers remotely.

"Everyone needs money for personal purposes in the pre-New Year period, especially in the current situation. We would like to enable our customers to easily withdraw money for personal purposes and rest from payment for the next 4 months. Unprecedented conditions for Liberty apply to both new and existing consumer loans transferred from another bank. "- Giorgi Makaradze, Retail Banking Director.

The campaign, which runs until December 31, also envisages supporting small businesses. The terms apply to both new and refinanced loans.

"On a daily basis we talk to the business sector and work together to find the best solution for them in times of crisis. With the experience gained during this remarkably difficult year, we think the grace period is exactly what any business needs the most right now. The terms of the credit product are the best on the market within the campaign."- Vazha Menabde, MSME Banking Director.

Viewing all Liberty offers and applying for both consumer and business as well as other types of loans, is possible remotely and without leaving home: