27 July, 2021

The eco-friendly raffle of Liberty and MasterCard has started

The eco-friendly raffle of Liberty and MasterCard has started


Joint raffle of the Liberty and MasterCard has started. Make at least 20 GEL transaction with Liberty MasterCard and automatically become the participant of the most eco-friendly raffle. The raffle lasts until August 31 and you have a chance to win a car, moped or scooter.

For eco-charitable purposes MasterCard will transfer a token amount from each transaction participating in the raffle to the Eco-Charitable Fund with the aim of spreading plant green plants around the earth to promote environmental care.

Raffle prize fund:

Prize Amount

Unit cost
(Including income tax)



(including income tax)

"Toyota C-HR 2020"


1 101.515.00 GEL 101.515.00 GEL

Electric scooter
"RKS G48"


8 1.250.00 GEL 10.000.00 GEL

Electric moped


10 3.625.00 GEL 36.250.00 GEL


Dates of the raffle:

  • It is possible to take part in the raffle from July 15 to August 31
  • The winner will be announced on September 13th

Persons participating in the raffle:

  • Residents of Georgia over 18 years of age, who hold MasterCard cards issued in Georgia
  • During the raffle, make a transaction of at least 20 GEL with a card issued in Georgia at POS terminals and also online, in Georgia and abroad.
  • Fully agree to the terms and conditions of the raffle

Mechanics of conducting the raffle:

  • A resident of Georgia who makes a transaction of at least GEL 20 with any MasterCard card issued in Georgia through POS terminals located in trade and service outlets in Georgia and abroad and through online purchases, automatically becomes a participant of the raffle.
  • The number of transactions during the raffle period is unlimited and depends on the activity of the "raffle participants".
  • For each paid 20 GEL and one transaction, participant of the raffle is given one ticket.
  • From the same source - POS terminal only 3 payments per day may be recorded as a transaction participating in the raffle.
  • The participant of the raffle can use any number of MasterCard branded any cards.
  • The participant of the raffle can check the number of his / her tickets with the bank statement of a specific card: each 20 GEL and above transaction is equal to 1 (one) ticket.

For full information about the raffle go to the link.