16 August, 2021

Liberty offers older generation customers to register for the vaccine

Liberty offers older generation customers to register for the vaccine


Given the epidemic situation in the country, Liberty offers a new service to its customers as part of its social responsibility program – in case of the desire of customers, the bank staff will be able to help them register for the COVID 19 vaccine.

The new service is introduced especially in the frameworks of caring for the older generation of customers, so that vaccination is even more accessible to them throughout Georgia.

In addition to the branches of the bank, people living in rural areas who are served by the mobile bank Liberty Express will also be able to register for the vaccine.

"For us, the older generation is special. For the last year and a half, in the conditions of a pandemic, we have been doing everything to create a safe and comfortable environment for them. From today, Liberty staff will assist those who want to be vaccinated and make registration easier, and we will stand by our country in the fight against the pandemic." - Vasil Khodeli, CEO of "Liberty".

Along with the new service, under the Liberty Social Responsibility Program #Libertigulit, special privileges apply when paying with a social card:

  • Throughout Georgia, special prices apply to the medical services of Evex clinics and medicines in the pharmaceutical network of Pharmadepot.
  • When paying with Liberty Social Card, customers can get up to 50% discount for laboratory examinations, ultrasound, X-ray, computed tomography, dental services and get a completely free consultation at Evex clinics.
  • And in more than 180 pharmacies of Pharmadepot, the older generation of consumers enjoy up to 20% discount on more than 2200 brands of medicines, along with the various daily promotions in the network.