19 August, 2021

The PIN code on Liberty Social Cards has been extended until November 1

The PIN code on Liberty Social Cards has been extended until November 1


Due to the situation caused by the COVID 19 pandemic in the country and the restrictions imposed, Liberty is once again extending the validity of the PIN codes of pension and other social cards.

In particular, by a joint decision of Liberty and the Social Service Agency, those customers whose pension or other social card PIN code expires in the period from August 1 to October 31, this period will be automatically extended until November 1 and cardholders will not have to visit the bank branches to renew the PIN code.

"Due to the epidemiological situation in the country, we consider the needs of our customers and always take care of their safety. Therefore, we have decided once again that Liberty Social Card holders will be able to use both ATMs and payment terminals without delay and a visit to the bank." - said Liberty CEO Vasil Khodeli.

With the purpose of the safety of customers, during the pandemic, Liberty introduced an innovative service of withdrawing cash from a terminal that allows social cardholders to withdraw up to 50 GEL from their account without a visit to the bank, through the payment terminals of Nikora Supermarket, PSP, Aversi and Pharmadepot.

In addition, pension and other social card holders enjoy special benefits: Within the framework of Liberty Social Responsibility Program # Libertigulit, when paying by social card, special prices are applied in Evex clinics, Pharmadepot pharmacies and Nikora supermarket chain throughout Georgia.