05 June, 2023

With the support of Liberty, the educational project "Mziurmtsodne" was started

With the support of Liberty, the educational project "Mziurmtsodne" was started


With the support of Liberty, Mziuri Social Cafe will host an educational project for children for a month. "Mziurmtsodne" envisages conducting cognitive lessons for children in different directions. On the territory of Mziuri Park, in the space of Cafe Mziuri, children will get relevant knowledge about nature, ecology, animal care, and inclusive education.

"Cafe Mziuri, for the second year, we are implementing "Mziurmtsodne" with the support of Liberty. This is one of our children's and educational projects, after the completion of which the participating children, along with gaining important knowledge about nature, ecology, animal care, and inclusive environment, will receive the honorary title of "Mziurmtsodne" and badges confirming completion of the course" - Ana Goguadze, Cafe Mziuri’s Founder.

"The priority direction of Liberty's social responsibility is education, and we are glad that another interesting project was created with the support of the bank. Mziuri Social Cafe is implementing the project "Mziurmtsodne" for the second year and hosts children interested in ecology, nature protection, and animal care. During the summer, Liberty is planning a number of similar activities to promote children's education" - Tamar Zakariadze, Head of Liberty's corporate responsibility department.

About Liberty Bank

Liberty is one of the largest commercial banks in the country, serving more than 1.7 million individuals and more than 50,000 small and medium-sized businesses. The bank's assets amount to 3 billion GEL and more than 4500 employees are employed. Liberty is represented throughout the country with the widest network - more than 360 service centers, 632 ATMs, and self-service and POS terminals in all regions and municipalities of Georgia. In addition to the developed infrastructure, modern digital services, and remote services are available for both individuals and legal entities.

About Cafe Mziuri

Café of Mziuri is a social enterprise that has been operating in the territory of Mziuri Park since 2016, and its goal is to create an inclusive environment and promote healthy eating; introduce eco-friendly approaches; also organizing environmental activities and support initiatives; plan activities for budding artists, technical provision and communication support; Also, support of civil activists and organizations working on social issues in the direction of implementation of educational events.