07 June, 2023

Unlock the Beauty of the Georgian Language: Learn Online with Liberty

Unlock the Beauty of the Georgian Language: Learn Online with Liberty


We are delighted to unveil an exciting collaboration between Liberty and Globalize platform, aimed at empowering immigrants to learn the Georgian language online. On the momentous occasion of Georgia's Independence Day, May 26th, we proudly launched the Globalize NY conference at the iconic Webster Hall in New York City. This exclusive event provided Georgian business companies with a unique opportunity to showcase their exceptional products to the Georgian diaspora, technology innovators, investors, and other partners with vested interests in Georgia. The exhibition space buzzed with the presentation of export products from 30 esteemed Georgian businesses, including Liberty's valued partner companies, enticing potential investors.

Within the framework of thisremarkable conference, Liberty made an exciting announcement—a pioneering program designed to assist Georgian immigrants and their families in learning the Georgian language online. Through extensive collaboration with Lingwing, the premier online language learning platform, we have meticulously developed a comprehensive basic course specifically tailored for mastering the Georgian language. Best of all, this course allows learners to embark on their journey from English to Georgian, completely free of charge.

"At Liberty, we prioritize corporate responsibility, particularly in the realm of education and initiatives that promote our native language, both domestically and internationally. Our partnership with Lingwing has allowed us to bridge the gap and meet the needs of Georgians living abroad by creating an immersive Georgian language course. This course empowers them and their children to easily and independently learn their native language online or through our mobile application, all at no cost," stated Tamar Zakariadze, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Liberty.

We take immense pride in empowering the next generation of Georgian immigrants to embrace and strengthen their connection to their native language. It is truly inspiring that during the Globalize NY conference, we had the opportunity to meet Georgian immigrants residing in the United States on Georgia's Independence Day and introduce this transformative project to them.

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