Pay utilities and other bills - More than 300 providers

Pay for utility and other bills at the new webpage - Pay with any of Liberty Bank issued card and get a waiver on commission fee!

PAY.GE is a new payment platform where you can pay for utility and other bills for 300 providers without registering on the site. 

You can pay with VISA and MasterCard bank cards, PAY cards (Smartivi, Fortuna, etc.) or eMoney wallet.

When paying with VISA or MasterCard, choose relevant fields in payment method, enter your name as written on the bank card in  Name and Last name field, card validity date da CVV2 code.

When paying with Smartivi, Fortuna or other PAY card, you can enter your card number and validity period; alternatively, you can enter user name and password. Please note that in the last case, you will also need to enter one-time authorization code, which you will receive via sms. 

When paying with eMoney wallet, you will just need to enter e-mail address and the password that you use to access your eMoney wallet.