Giorgi Gvazava

Deputy CEO, CRO
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2022 Appointment Date

Giorgi Gvazava joined JSC Liberty Bank as an acting CRO in June 2022. In september 2022 Giorgi was assigned as Deputy CEO, CRO role.

Mr. Giorgi Gvazava is a finance professional with extensive experience in banking and risk management.

Mr. Gvazava has a successful track record of working with the leading financial institutions in Georgia for more than 15 years. Mr. Gvazava started as a Credit Analyst at VTB Bank Georgia and since then held various management and top management positions. Prior to joining JSC Liberty Bank, Mr. Gvazava was the Head of Risk Department at VTB Bank Georgia.

Mr. Gvazava holds an MBA degree from Edinburgh Business School (EBS).