Internet Banking

The best way to manage your finances remotely, without visiting the bank

Manage your business accounts easily and swiftly via Liberty’s Internet Bank. The service is customized for business needs and in line with international security standards.

You can conduct various financial operations with your Internet Bank from any part of the world:

  • Check and oversee your corporate accounts, loans, and deposits.
  • Create and manage salary projects, transfer salaries to your staff, and automatically transfer income and pension taxes.
  • Create templates for recurring payments.
  • Transfer money within Georgia and abroad.
  • Pay utilities.
  • Generate statements from your accounts and view transaction details.
  • Check National Bank of Georgia official and Liberty commercial exchange rates.
  • Exchange currency with a better rate using the "Negotiate with a dealer" feature.
  • And perform many other transactions.

Any corporate customer with an account at Liberty can use Internet bank services.

To open an account at Liberty, you can register remotely at or visit any nearby branch.

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