Account tariffs

Account service tariffs for packages purchased before May 21, 2019

Liberty card is an international VISA payWave / MasterCard PayPass bank card equipped with modern technologies. With the Liberty card, you can pay in shopping and service facilities, both in Georgia and abroad, as well as on the Internet. The contactless functionality of the card allows you to pay quickly with just one swipe at the card payment machine. For small amounts, no PIN code entry is required.

Buy a package of accounts for only 1.50 GEL per month and get:
  • Multicurrency account (GEL, USD, EUR, GBP)
  • Plastic card - Visa Classic - payWave / MasterCard Standard - PayPass
  • Savings account (GEL, USD, EUR, GBP)
  • SMS Bank
  • Internet Bank, Mobile Bank
  • SmartPAY/USSD menu - a service through which the bank's client can perform certain banking operations with any type of the mobile phone through a special menu. To use the service, the client should call the number *166# with the mobile phone.

Account Service Fees

Type of Service Service Tariffs
Money transfer in national currency  
Within Liberty Bank Free
Outside Liberty Bank 0.07%, Min. 1.00 GEL
Money transfer in US dollars  
Within Liberty Bank Free
Outside Liberty Bank 0.50%, Min. 20.00 & Max. 500 USD
Transfer of funds from the account in Euro  
Within Liberty Bank Free
Outside Liberty Bank 0.50%, Min. 20.00 & Max. 500 EUR
Transfer of funds from the account in pound sterling  
Within Liberty Bank


Outside Liberty Bank 0.50%, Min. 20.00 & Max. 500 GBP
Depositing cash into the account  
National currency Free
USD Free
EUR Free
GBP Free
Withdraw money from the card/account  
Liberty Bank service centers/branches 0.60%, Min. 1.00 GEL/ 0.50 USD / 0.50 EUR/ 0.50 GBP
Liberty Bank ATMs 0.20%, Min. 0.50 GEL
At Liberty Bank ATMs without placing the card in the ATM, through a contactless reader When withdrawing money using an ID card - 1%
In the service centers/branches of TBC Bank and Kartu  Bank 2.00%, Min. 10.00 GEL
TBC Bank and Kartu  Bank ATMs 0.60%, Min. 1.00 a unit in the relevant currency
In the service centers/branches / ATMs of other banks 2.00% Min. 10.00 GEL
Currency exchange operations  
At the commercial rate of the bank Free
Card Terms  
Card expiration date 4 Years
Using the card in shopping and service facilities  
In Georgia Free
Abroad Free
Daily withdrawal limit at ATMs 3,000 GEL
Daily withdrawal limit in Liberty Bank service centers Unlimited
Daily withdrawal limit in other banks 3,000 GEL
Daily limit of payments in trade and service facilities​ 15,000 GEL

see account service terms and conditions  

3D Card Security Service


What is 3D card security and why should you use this service?

3D card security represents an additional security service when using the card online. It is available only for VISA or MasterCard bank cards Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code services.

Through the 3D security service of the card, you can confirm the use of a bank card with a one-time SMS verification code received on a personal mobile phone number, to increase the security of transactions carried out on the Internet, and accordingly, reduce the risk of using the bank card by a stranger on the Internet.

Visit the nearby Liberty Bank service center to activate the 3D card security service. Keep in mind that you need to have SMS bank service enabled on your mobile phone number in order to activate the service.

The service fee is 0.00 GEL.

The 3D security service is valid from its activation until the end of the validity period of the bank card or until the cardholder submits an appropriate application to the bank for the cancelation of the service.