Digital Card

Order your card easily

Liberty digital card is the most secure and innovative product that has the same functions as a plastic debit card with the advantage that it only exists online and you don't have to carry a physical card.

With Liberty digital card you can:

  • Add it to your digital wallet - Google Pay and Apple Pay and pay easily at trade facilities
  • Buy the desired item or service in online stores
  • Take advantage of the loyalty program of Liberty - "CashBack"
  • Withdraw money from the ATM

How do I get a digital card?

It is easy to get a digital card, you can order it from Liberty Mobile and Internet Bank in just a few seconds:

  • Log in to Liberty Mobile or Internet Bank
  • Open the menu and check the offers
  • Select Digital Card in the cards field,
  • Read the details of the card carefully and press the "Next" button
  • Fill in the necessary fields and press the "Next" button
  • Read the terms and conditions and agree
  • Count to three and your card is ready!

It is possible to link a digital card to an existing or a new account. The card also has a multi-currency function, which means that you can have an account in Lari as well as Dollars and Euros.

Card type Visa Gold
Expiration date 48 Months
Service fee Free
24-hour ATM cash withdrawal limit 10,000 GEL
24-hour POS cash withdrawal limit 30,000 GEL