Credit card

Take a Liberty credit card and choose a payment scheme tailored to you

A credit card is an ideal solution in case of unforeseen events and unplanned expenses, which is constantly relevant in the life for all of us. For example, imagine that your friend has a birthday and you have to buy a gift or there is a discount on the desired item, and the payday is still far away. For such cases, you no longer need to borrow money. You always have a limit on your credit card, which you can spend at any time.

What are the advantages?

  1. You always have extra money available
  2. Interest is accrued only when you spend
  3. Interest is accrued only on the amount spent
  4. You can choose the preferred payment method
  5. You can take advantage of zero interest condition

How will you pay the money?

If you use the money, we have several methods of paying interest and refilling the card, and the choice is up to you.

  1. Minimum coverage
    1. If you choose this payment method, you will be charged a minimum payment on a specific day of each month, which you can repay in whole or in part within 25 days after calculation.
    2. If you fully repay the amount spent up to the settlement date within 25 days after the date of calculation of minimum, you will benefit from zero interest rate and will no longer pay the monthly interest.
  2. Monthly payment
    1. If you choose a monthly payment method, the amount spent will be redistributed to the desired term and you will pay according to a pre-arranged schedule.
    2. If you choose this scheme, the zero-interest condition does not apply and you will not be able to enjoy the grace period, although you will be able to use the amount paid in this case as well.



Credit fimit 500 - 30,000 GEL
Term 4 Years
Currency GEL
Service fee Free
Card recovery fee 20 GEL
Withdrawal fee 3.00% At least 3.00 GEL, From Liberty ATMs and branches
Payment fee in trade and service outlets 0%

Annual and effective interest rates

With minimal contributions With monthly payments
From 24% From 20%
Effective from 29,13%* Effective from 24,13%*


*The effective interest rate is calculated at the limit of 5000 GEL.