Apartment with the developer

Buy an apartment with Liberty Partner Developer and enjoy a simplified income verification process and special terms

The list of our partner development companies is diverse, where you have the opportunity to select a project of the desired size, quality and price.

What advantages does this loan have?

  • Simplified processes
  • Special offers from our partners
  • Special conditions on loans

What type of income is required to get the loan?

  • Salary (bonus / wage / supplement)
  • Service
  • Grant
  • Lease
  • Transfer
  • Dividend
  • Income verification is possible with a simplified approach


Loan amount From GEL 3000
Term Minimum -  6 months, Maximum - 120 months in foreign currency, Maximum - 240 months in GEL
Currency GEL, USD, EUR (loans up to GEL 300,000 are provided only in national currency)
Interest rate (Nominal and Effective) Indexed** percent: from 11,8% in GEL, effective from 13,28%; from 7,95% in USD, effective from 9,15%; from 5,9% in EUR, effective from 6,95%;
Credit Bureau Verification Fee GEL 300-10,000 - GEL10; GEL 10,000-20,000 – GEL 15; GEL 20,000< - 20 *in case of foreign currency - EUR 5, USD 10
Collateral Real estate
Income From GEL 500
Loan fee: 0.4 % min. GEL 50
Age 18 - 75 years old
Contribution From 0%***
Co-borrower No more than three co-borrowers are allowed (principal borrower + two co-borrowers)
Other expenses Cost of security registration in National Agency of Public Registry - from 158 GEL; Cost of removing the security of  National Agency of Public Registry - from 151 GEL


* Effective interest rate is calculated: 120 months for GEL 200,000, 120 months for USD 100,000, and 120 months for EUR 100,000;

**Index: GEL - Tbilisi interbank interest rate - TIBR 1M index; USD - Term SOFR; Euro - Euribor index.

*** Contribution from 0% - with the addition of alternative real estate.

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