Mortgage loan for emigrants

Simple and instant opportunity to use a mortgage loan

If you want to buy an apartment in Georgia or plan to renovate your current property, we offer you a simple and fast opportunity to use a mortgage loan to get the amount you want.

If you are still looking for an apartment and are in the process of choosing one, check out the offers of Liberty's partner developers, and take advantage of discounts and special conditions.

The Liberty mortgage loan has the following benefits:

  •  Taking a loan without visiting Georgia*;
  • Terms suitable to you;
  • Taking into account the income received abroad;
  •  In case of savings of 30% of the cost of the apartment, the loan application process is even simpler;

*By Power of Attorney.

The service is available from anywhere in the world.

If you are interested, contact us: (+995) 032 2 55 55 00

Loan amount From GEL 3000
Term Minimum -  6 months, Maximum - 120 months in foreign currency, Maximum - 240 months in GEL
Currency GEL, USD, EUR (loans up to GEL 300,000 are provided only in national currency)
Interest rate (Nominal and Effective) Indexed** percent: from 11,8% in GEL, effective from 13,28%; from 7,95% in USD, effective from 9,15%; from 5,9% in EUR, effective from 6,95%;
Credit Bureau Verification Fee GEL 300-10,000 - GEL10; GEL 10,000-20,000 – GEL 15; GEL 20,000< - 20 *in case of foreign currency - EUR 5, USD 10
Collateral Real estate
Income From GEL 500
Loan fee: 0.4 % min. GEL 50
Age 18 - 75 years old
Contribution From 0%***
Co-borrower No more than three co-borrowers are allowed (principal borrower + two co-borrowers)
Other expenses Cost of security registration in National Agency of Public Registry - from 158 GEL; Cost of removing the security of  National Agency of Public Registry - from 151 GEL


* Effective interest rate is calculated: 120 months for GEL 200,000, 120 months for USD 100,000, and 120 months for EUR 100,000;

**Index: GEL - Tbilisi interbank interest rate - TIBR 1M index; USD - Term SOFR; Euro - Euribor index.

*** Contribution from 0% - with the addition of alternative real estate.