Consumer loans

Flexible consumer loan with individual terms

This is a loan that you can take for any purpose, which is why the approval process is especially simple and convenient.

Our consumer loan terms will best suit your individual needs, as we handle each requirement with great responsibility and interest. We try to take into account all the important circumstances and make the loan conditions as acceptable as possible for you.

The advantages of the consumer loan are:

  • Simple borrowing process
  • Special conditions
  • Use for any purpose

What type of income is required to get the loan?

  • Salary (bonus / wage / supplement)
  • Service
  • Grant
  • Lease
  • Transfer
  • Dividend
  • Tutor
Loan Conditions
Loan amount From GEL 300
Currency GEL, USD, EUR (Loans up to GEL 200,000 are issued only in national currency)
Term From 3 months to a maximum of 36 Months
Income From GEL 200
Annual interest rate in GEL From 9.9%
Effective interest rate: From 15.75%*
Credit Bureau Verification Fee GEL 300-10,000 - GEL10; GEL 10,000-20,000 – GEL 15; GEL 20,000< - 20 *in case of foreign currency - EUR 5, USD 10
Loan fee 2.50% min 20 GEL
Age 18 - 70 years old
Co-borrower No more than three co-borrowers are allowed (principal borrower + two co-borrowers)


 * Effective interest rate is calculated at 10,000 GEL for 12 months;

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