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Tbilisi, Marshal Gelovani Ave. N23

Buy an apartment - from 1,142 GEL per month

Development company m² in Georgia creates new standards of quality and comfortable life. The company occupies an important place in the real estate market of the country, which is due to the high professionalism of its team.

New district of m² - " Saburtalo" gives you a unique opportunity to increase your personal space, to live in a free, diverse and comfortable environment, where the whole district comes with the apartment.

The concept of is tailored to the needs and tastes of modern people. The central part of the district will be occupied by a park, around which a boulevard and a bicycle path will be built. The area will have sports fields, recreation and entertainment areas, restaurants, cafes, shops, indoor swimming pool, fitness center, school, kindergarten, guest reception and common work areas.

  • Project name:  Saburtalo by m²
  • Minimum area of the apartment: 43 m² in Block VII
  • Apartment condition: White frame
  • Date of completion: Block VII, which is currently under construction, will be completed in 2023
  • 1 m² = from 3,299 GEL
Mortgage Loan Terms
Loan Currency GEL, USD,  EUR (loans up to GEL 200,000 are provided only in national currency)
Term Minimum -  6 months, Maximum - 120 months in foreign currency, Maximum - 240 months in GEL
Interest rate (Nominal and Effective*) Indexed** percent: from 12.65% in GEL, effective from 13,7%; from 9,30% in USD, effective from 10.16%; from 7,90% in EUR, effective from 8,74%;
Collateral Real Estate
Contribution 0% With income study / without income study


*Effective interest rate is calculated: 120 months for GEL 200,000, 120 months for USD 100,000, and 120 months for EUR 100,000;

** Index: GEL - refinancing rate of the National Bank of Georgia; USD - Sofr Index; Euro - Euribor Index.

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Tbilisi, Didi Dighomi, Vepkhistkaosani str. N20

Buy an apartment - from 1,045 GEL per month)


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Buy an apartment - from 798 GEL per month)

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Buy an apartment - from 899 GEL per month)

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Tbilisi, Vazisubani, Tsulukidze str. N35



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Buy an apartment - from 779 GEL per month)

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