Mortgage Loan

Mortgage loan for purchasing, building and repairing any type of real estate - with understandable conditions for everyone.

Get a Mortgage Loan easily and with preferential terms:
Low interest rate from annual 6.20% (effective 6.39%)
Without any extra cost:
  • Issue Commission fee - 0%
  • Service fee - 0%
  • Prepayment Fee - 0%
  • Other fees - 0%
You pay only interest!
You can get the loan to purchase, build or repair real estate, to cover other mortgage loan and improve the conditions.
The loan can be issued among foreign citizens as well - it is not necessary to have permanent residence in Georgia.
To get the loan visit Liberty's nearest service center.

Mortgage loan conditions

Loan Currency


Nominal (annual) Interest Rate

From 13% (GEL), From 6.20% (USD), From 5.5% (EUR)

*Effective Interest Rate

From 13.82% (GEL), From 6.39% (USD), From 5.65% (EUR)

Minimum Loan Amount

GEL - From 30,000
USD / EUR - From 200,000
Equivalent in the corresponding currency

Loan Approval Commision                                                                    


Service Commision


Loan Repayment Rate 0%
Coverage Frequency Monthly


* The interest rate is determined individually.

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