Municipal Children's House

On September 16, 2011, the Social Service Agency and Liberty Bank formed a memorandum within the frames of "my friend" project. The project aims to help integrate underprivileged children into the community and include a variety of companies in the process within the corporate social responsibility framework.

Each family type house should have a company, which will help in the integration process in the long run. Since 2009, child care system reform aims to reduce the number of traditional children's homes and replace them with small family-type homes. Currently there are 17 small family-type homes in the country. The ultimate goal of the reform was to move underprivileged children into the family-type homes in order to educate them in a more family-type environment. Within the project’s framework, Liberty Bank became friends with family house in Akhmeta. Within Liberty Bank’s finances, living conditions in Akhmeta’s family house improved, children were given a variety of household and entertainment items. Liberty Bank continues to support Akhmeta’s family house for children up to this day.